Biocompatibility of dental materials

BIOCOMPATIBILITY TESTING: Yes, an amalgam dental filling contains about 50% mercury which is toxic for everyone. And, some people can become allergic or hypersensitive to specific ingredients in some dental materials..

DENTAL COMPOSITES ARE GENERALLY QUITE SAFE. But some people can react negatively to the chosen replacement dental filling materials particularly people who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities(MSC). That’s why it is often wise to check your serum for immunological compatibility to materials before replacing amalgams.

TESTING KIT: We keep a supply of Clifford Materials Testing kits on hand for our patients ( You must have a blood sample drawn at a local medical laboratory where they will prepare the sample and send it to the Clifford laboratory in Colorado for you.

RAPID RESULTS: Generally your results will be sent within a week. We will then be able to confirm which elements and specific brands of dental materials are suitable for you and be able to proceed with your treatment safely.