In order to promote implant integration and optimal bone healing to ensure long term comfort and efficiency of the tooth replacement, we recommend:
1. LDL blood cholesterol levels are below 1.4 g/L and hematocrit is at most 50%;
2. Serum blood levels of vitamin D are at least 50 mol/L.
3. The patient supplements daily with 1000 mg of vitamin C, 20,000 units of vitamin D and 400 mcg of vitamin K2 or with our Dentos supplement.
4. The patient does not smoke.
In order for the implants to remain healthy and functional in the long run, the patient must follow and correct, if need be, his blood cholesterol and vitamin D levels for the rest of his life.

We are now offering CeraRoots Zirconia tooth implants to replace missing or infected posterior teeth. Zirconia is a white, non-metallic, very strong and biocompatible material. We are usually able to place a Zirconia implant the same day the tooth is removed and place a crown on the implant in one appointment, 3 months later. Cost is approximately the same as Titanium dental implants. They cannot corrode and dental plaque or biofilm does not adhere to Zirconia so there is very little chance of infection around them. They are considered THE healthy choice to replace missing teeth.

Titanium or Zirconia?

Dental implants can be made of one of two materials; titanium, a metal, and Zirconia, a ceramic. Which one is right for you? Watch this short video that compares advantages and disadvantages of each before deciding: http://youtu.be/ESyC69ZIFLU