Our services

Larose Dental Health offers a wide range of holistic services and cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists are committed to creating a mouth that is in harmony with and supports your general health. At our initial examination appointment, we explore with you the possibilities of improving the harmony between your oral and overall health; your situation is unique and we will recommend eliminating any materials that may be causing you harm and rebuilding a healthy mouth with materials and techniques that are safer and more biocompatible.

Our services include the safe replacement of mercury amalgam fillings with composite or stronger CEREC materials, the naturopathic treatment of gum disease (periodontitis) , one-hour preparation of custom bleaching trays for tooth whitening , crowns and bridges with metal-free biocompatible materials on natural teeth and on implants.

We also offer periodic preventive monitoring and cleanings by our team of dental hygienists to maintain your smile bright, your teeth and gums in optimal health for a lifetime.

Select a service to learn more about the care you are considering and make an appointment with one of our dentists; we will be more than happy to meet you and take good care of you.