Holistic Dentistry

The focus of holistic dentists is ‘health-centered care’. The main guidelines of this approach are:

"First do no harm" and " Think globally, act locally."

The holistic dentist offers conventional and complementary care. More and more consumers prefer - even demand – treatment without side effects. The holistic dentist, who received required traditional academic training, also regularly attends continuing education in complementary medicine to offer these often safer alternatives to his clients. He has good knowledge of the local alternative practitioner network and will refer to the appropriate 'natural' therapist when necessary.

The holistic dentist focuses on techniques and materials that are recognized as ‘safer’. Some conventional dental materials may contain elements that challenge or endanger our immune system. Mercury in dental amalgam fillings, nickel and lead in some crown , fluoride, etc. come to mind. The holistic dentist will protect his clients from the ill effects of these products.

The holistic dentist refers to his customers as ' clients', not ' patients '. The word ‘patient’ is derived from the conventional medical model. The patient passively receives treatment based on the values of the practitioner.

The client, by contrast, is actively involved in the selection and implementation of care with the dentist. This model implies the sharing of responsibilities between the practitioner and the client in achieving a common health goal. A rewarding journey for both!

Finally, the holistic dentist is environmentally friendly. He recycles and uses techniques and products that are safer for nature.

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