Dr. Danièle Larose and his cosmetic team at Larose Dental Health can help. We offer whitening methods that are safe for teeth and soft tissues, and won't interact harmfully with your body's delicate balance.


In office whitening is ideal for patients who need a stunning smile right away, for a special event, first date, or important business meeting. You rest comfortably in the dental chair while we take extra steps to protect your gums and eyes. A professional strength peroxide gel is applied to teeth and activated with a special light. The bleaching agent reaches deep into the tubules in dental enamel to pull stains out.

You leave our office in two hours, with noticeably whiter, cleaner, younger looking teeth.


Take-home whitening trays are a good solution for many busy patients, those who prefer to whiten gradually, or those who wish to maintain a brighter smile long-term. We design thin, comfortable trays with a custom fit to your mouth. You fill the trays with a peroxide gel we provide and wear them for about half an hour each day, in the privacy of your home.

Your teeth will show color improvement right away and full results in about two weeks. Then you use the trays as often as you'd like to keep your smile sparkling.

A more recent option is the disposable Opalescence Go! kit. Disposable trays you use for 20 minutes a day for 10 days to whiten your teeth comfortably, safely and economically!