Cosmetic Dentistry

YOUR SMILE: How to create a good first impression if not with a beautiful smile! We all care about our smile because it is the reflection of our ”inner happiness”.

Cosmetic dentistry began years ago with tooth bleaching and repairing front teeth with white fillings.

Today, dentistry offers several cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate and beautify your smile.
By combining her artistic talents with technical advances and scientific knowledge, Dr. Danièle Larose can create the smile you'll be proud of.

BONDING : Cosmetic dentistry today addresses many situations. Crooked teeth, spaced teeth, rotated teeth, stained or oddly shaped teeth, short, worn or excessively long teeth can now be corrected relatively quickly with ' bonding '.

Teeth restored these days with composite resin bonding or ceramics are beautiful. And the recent addition of LASER in dentistry is a significant step to ensure your comfort in a number of cosmetic procedures - in order to ensure teeth of equal and harmonious height, for example.

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