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A big Thank You for having solved my burning mouth problem. Replacing my mercury based dental fillings made all the difference in the world. I can now taste my food and enjoy sharing meals with friends and family again. Once more, thank you to an extraordinary dentist!

JP, Laval

I noticed your staff displayed a very warm and friendly attitude towards all the clients that come in and go; it provides a very comforting atmosphere to say the least.

- VC Alberta.

Dr Danièle, I wanted to let you know how gratifying it is to admire the excellence of your work in my mouth. It is also incredible to realize how ‘lifting my smile’ has ‘lifted my spirits’! VP, Ontario Once the bonding done, I recognized a smile that was my own; lighter, more harmonious and more feminine. It is very pretty! I was touched by the result. Very much. Now I think Danièle is Artistic Tooth-Fairy!

- LC, Montreal

‘’I had many positive comments following my bonding procedure. They were pleasant and sincere; very affectionate. I was also told the look in my eye was more present; probably because I don’t have to spend energy to hide my smile anymore. Thanks to Danièle for this positive undertaking.’’ LC, Montreal First of all, I would like to thank all the team members who took care of me yesterday to remove my mercury fillings. Sincerely, I have never had better service anywhere in my life – including all customer situations I have been in – ever! Again, thank you!

- LG, Chicoutimi

" Before I had my mercury fillings safely removed by Dr Larose, my hands and feet were always freezing cold; these symptoms totally disappeared shortly after. My wife doesn't mind me touching her anymore! " J.D. St-Bruno

" Holistic and preventative approach to dentistry... Comprehensive examination including testing for acid levels in mouth, jaw examination, etc. for new patients. Staff are pleasant, knowledgeable, take the time to answer questions, explain procedures, and advise as to home care, etc. The reception-room atmosphere is serene. " C.M., Platssburgh