Composite veneers

Dr. Daniele Larose, accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, transforms smiles using composite resin. This plastic bonding material has improved dramatically over the years. Using this more conservative technique, she can often recreate a full smile in one appointment.

Mark had had quit smoking and no longer wanted a smile with yellow teeth and chipped corners. In one appointment, he left with the smile of his dreams: straight, white and clean teeth to reflect his new personality! Thank you Dr. Daniele Larose and composite bonded veneers.

For those who want to preserve the natural structure of their teeth, it is an ultra-conservative technique. We simply carve thin layers of different shades of bonded composite to the surface of your teeth.


Depending on your habits, composite veneers can last eight to ten years. After this period, a single resurfacing may be necessary at half the original cost.


Roxanne’s children were teenagers and it was now time to think about herself. She hated her short, worn front teeth. In one day, Dr. Daniele Larose reshaped her eight upper front teeth using composite veneers. She soon returned to embellish the bottom ones with mini porcelain veneers.