Fluoride-free dental care

Holistic dentists favour materials and techniques that are more biocompatible; some conventional dental materials may contain elements that are aggressive for your immune system. Mercury in dental amalgam, nickel and lead in some crowns, fluoride, etc. At Santé Dentaire Larose, we protect our patients from the ill effects of these products.

Here are a few reasons we chose not to recommend fluoride:

  1. Drinking water fluoride levels greater than 1.0 mg/L may adversely affect the development of children’s intelligence(IQ).
  2. Water fluoridation may cause cancer, tends to promote cancer and is related to an increase in cancer rates in humans.
  3. Rates of hip fractures are much higher in communities that artificially fluoridate their drinking water.
  4. Dental fluorosis, the first visible sign of fluoride poisoning, affects 8% to 51% of children drinking fluoridated water depending on the study/community.
  5. All important recent studies on fluoridation and caries show that fluoridation does not reduce dental decay significantly.

We recommend applying iodine (Lugol's Solution) to teeth in order to prevent cavities, not fluoride. A study at the University of Puerto Rico showed how more effective and safe this was.

Fluoride is also related to hypothyroidism – a rampant health problem in North America. Take the time to look at Dr Jerry Tenant’s short video on the right.